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About Brukett

Choices of good taste

Brukett is a house full of hand-picked, drinkable experiences. We curate ecologically sustainable products, drinks experiences worth visiting as well as content providing you inspiration. The whole idea is to make the good choices easier.

Brukett is ISO 14001 certified. For us, a good choice means not only drinkable enjoyment in our lips, but critical exploration from human’s as well as our globe’s point of view. More sustainable drinks experiences are built on local, organic, handcraft and circular economy. Both the brands that we own and we import are connected in a way or another to being sustainable. Whether it’s more ecological packaging materials, sustainable viticulture or production. Or even more.

We develop new drinks experiences at our home bases in the idyllic Fiskars village and UNESCO world heritage spot in Suomenlinna island in Helsinki. In addition to our pride and joy; Fiskars Brewery, Suomenlinna Brewery, Noita Winery and Ägräs Distillery, we complement our portfolio with our fellow partners from artisan producers to larger, well-known international brands.

Welcome to make the good choices together with us!



Mikko Ali-Melkkilä

Managing Director
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Laura Järnefelt

Marketing Director
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Jussi Maaranen

Sales Director
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Kim Moliis

Category Director, wines
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Jaana Saaristo

Category Director, beer & cider
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Jaakko Siimeslahti

Senior Brand Manager
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Andreas Czarnecki

Key Account Manager
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Tuomas Helander

Sales representative
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Ville Kellokoski

Sales representative & Product Manager, beers
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Elina Vavuli

Sales representative & Trade Marketing
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Daniel Hynes

Sales Representative
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Marilla Puustinen

Product Marketing Manager
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Kosti Kumpulainen

Marketing Coordinator
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Anna Arvela

Product Coordinator
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Tommi Hakkarainen

Logistics Coordinator
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